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Dainty Aquamarine Bracelet, Single Gold Accent, For Courage

Dainty Aquamarine Bracelet, Single Gold Accent, For Courage

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Evoke the calming essence of the sea with our exquisite 3mm Aquamarine bracelet, adorned with a delicate golden accent. Crafted to perfection, this piece embodies tranquility and serenity. Aquamarine, known for its soothing energy, is believed to enhance clear communication and foster a sense of inner peace. The ethereal blue hues of the gemstone capture the gentle ebb and flow of ocean waves. Wear this bracelet as a symbol of balance and harmony in your life. With its dainty design and metaphysical significance, it's a timeless addition to your collection. Experience the essence of the ocean's embrace with every wear.

  • Made to order
  • 3mm round Aquamarine beads
  • Strung on strong stretch elastic cord
  • 14K gold filled accent


Aquamarine stone of courage

  • Aids in emotional clarity
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances communication
  • Boost confidence and courage
  • Stimulates creativity

    Sizing Guide

    Stretch cord bracelets are available in  6”, 6.5”, 7”, 7.5” and 8" in length.

    To determine your size, wrap a string around your wrist, then measure the length of string against a ruler. Add 0.25” for a snug fit or 0.50” for a comfortable fit. Select the size closest to your final number.

    Gold Filled Vs. Gold Plated

    Gold filled beads are made by bonding a thick layer of genuine gold to a base metal, offering durability and resistance to tarnishing. They're hypoallergenic, making them a safer choice for sensitive skin compared to gold plated beads, which have a thinner gold layer.


    Your purchase will be elegantly
    presented within a cotton pouch, enhanced with a lovely black drawstring. Complete with gemstone insight card (where applicable), perfect for a cherished self-indulgence or heartfelt gifting.

    Care Instructions

    • Avoid moisture if possible
    • Clean and polish with soft cloth
    • Avoid contact with lotion or perfume
    • Remove while exercising
    • Store in closed bag or box

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